Creating Hypnotic Effects - with James Brown

Join James Brown for a fun and informative one day learning experience covering the principles of hypnotic suggestion to entertain and intrigue.

During this no-nonsense, science informed training, James will teach you the basics of hypnosis and dispel some of the persistent myths surrounding this fascinating field of study.

Through practical hands on training you will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform hypnotic effects and create powerful experiences for and with your audience.

Learn how to frame and present hypnosis in an honest and ethical way that will draw in the most sceptical of participants and create a ‘no-fail’ environment to play in.

Through the day James will be teaching stand alone effects as well as the principles that ACTUALLY make them work so that you will leave equipped to perform fluently

This is NOT your bog standard ‘sleep deeper and deeper’ training experience… here you will learn how to effortlessly help your audience bend reality and create new and exiting worlds without the necessity for long winded inductions or the painful search for the ‘easy’ subject.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Hypnotists who want to develop more confidence in using hypnotic phenomena
  • Magicians and entertainers who want to incorporate hypnotic phenomena to enhance routines and wow audiences
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about hypnotic phenomena and what's really going on
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy a fun and fascinating day of training with an excellent hypnotist, magician and entertainer

"I can't be hypnotised… Many have tried! I've also wasted money on some really poor training. However when James did a routine on me IT WORKED! Having done a pickpocket course with him years ago, I know this will be a fantastic days training that will equip me to add this to my close up magic."

Owen Strickland - Magician UK

Outline For The Day (subject to change)

10.00am Registration & Welcome

10.30am How we build our reality - a no nonsense introduction to hypnosis and world building

11:30am Breaktime

11:45am Foot stick tutorial - how we engage the imagination and make thoughts ‘real’

1pm Lunch

2pm Anchoring and emotional engagement - why connection matters

2.45pm Trouble shooting the difficult participant

3.15pm Breaktime

3.30pm Body catalepsy (stiff arm etc) and anaesthesia

4.15pm Amnesia and beyond

4:45pm in summery…

5pm Finish

Each session will be practically focused giving everyone the opportunity to learn through doing so that everyone has the ‘ah ha’ moment of understanding. I want you to go away with a solid understanding of what is REALLY going on so that you can begin to craft your own ideas and routines to suit your style and performance.

Meet James Brown

James Brown is a professional magician, pickpocket and hypnotist. He has been performing all over the world for over 25 years and is widely regarded as one of the foremost performers in his field. During this one day workshop James will share with you all the secrets that will help you become a proficient and confident hypnotist. The knowledge and skills you learn on this course will be of great value in all areas of you business and personal life.

Belief is the key to hypnosis... and it's also the key to life!

When, Where and How Much?

Date: Tuesday 18th April 2023

Location: Birmingham UK

Venue: Tristar Hotel - Coventry Rd, Elmdon, Birmingham B26 3QR

What you get: The price includes tea & coffee throughout the day and all the hands on training a group workshop facilitates. NOTE: The maximum number James has ever allowed to one of his one day events is 20!

Cost: £260.00 per person via Paypal or £250 bank transfer

How to book and pa y or for any queries:  CONTACT JAMES at

Where will the training be held?

Tristar Hotel - Coventry Rd, Elmdon, Birmingham B26 3QR

What are the training times?

18 Apr
10:00am5:00pm UK

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