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Human Alchemy: Hypnosis and PCW for Accelerated Client Change

In this one off training, Nick Kemp, the creator of Provocative Change Works (PCW) will teach some of the skills which he has found to be most effective in two decades of client work. These consist of hypnosis and PCW processes.
09 Jul - 09 Jul
10:00am3:00pm UK
Online via Zoom

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Huna Healing with Serge Kahili King

In this workshop esteemed Huna teacher Serge Kahili King presents concepts and practices of Huna healing based on the Kahili lineage of Huna. (Early booking offer until 29/06/2022).
11 Jul - 11 Jul
7:00pm9:00pm UK
Online via Zoom

Frank Farrelly's Provocative Therapy Revealed

An online seminar presented by Nick Kemp that takes a look at Frank Farrelly and his classic Provocative Therapy approach.
10 Sep - 10 Sep
10:00am1:00pm UK
Online via Zoom

PCW (Provocative Change Works) One Year Development and Certifications Programme

This unique one year PCW Development programme with Nick Kemp will enable you to really develop your PCW skills and build confidence in ther use. It also provides the opption to work towards becoming a Certified PCW Practitioner.
17 Sep - 09 Sep
10:00am3:00pm UK
Online via Zoom

An Introduction to Huna Shamanic Journeying

Join esteemed Huna teacher Serge Kahili King for this online workshop and learn the Huna approach to shamanic journeying.
19 Sep - 19 Sep
7:00pm9:00pm UK
Online via Zoom

Identity Level Change Work – A Developmental Approach

Join Jørgen Rasmussen for a fascinating new two day online workshop exploring how developmental models can be applied in change work and how to get better results with clients through understanding, and working with, their unique meaning making system.
24 Sep - 25 Sep
10:00am4:00pm UK
Online via Zoom

The Swan Hypnosis And More Online

Bob’s work is inspirational, experimental and practical – all at the same time – a feat not many people manage. In these packed two days, Bob will share content covering hypnosis, the Swan protocol, the consultation process, client work and much much more.
15 Oct - 16 Oct
1:00pm5:00pm UK
Online via Zoom

Putting Things Right: The Kupono Process with Serge Kahili King

Esteemed Huna Teacher Dr Serge Kahili King takes you through the Kupono process - a personal form of ho'oponopono based on the Kahlil Huna lineage that can be used to straighten out your life. (Early booking discount available until 20/10/2022).
21 Nov - 21 Nov
7:00pm9:00pm UK
Online via Zoom

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Learn the Art of Lucid Dreaming

With Lucid Dreaming Expert Hayden Ebert.
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