An Introduction to Huna Shamanic Journeying

Serge King

Learn about Shamanic Journeying in the Huna tradition with esteemed Huna teacher Dr Serge Kahili King.

Aia ke ola i Kahiki

(Health and prosperity are in Kahiki, a place in the inner world)

In this workshop esteemed Huna teacher Serge Kahili King will teach the Huna approach to shamanic journeying.

Concepts that will be covered include:

  • The 3 Inner Worlds of Kahiki, Lanikeha, Milu
  • Base Camp
  • Bali Hai,
  • Power Animals
  • Meeting and Overcoming Challenges

In Urban Shaman Serge King writes:

"Just as this outer world has its three regions of land, sea, and sky, so does the inner world have its three regions, at least in Hawaiian shamanic thought. These are Lanikeha, Kahiki, and Milu.

Lanikeha is the Upper World in the unseen realm. It is where God, angels, and saints exist; where gods and goddesses live and play; where great heroes, heroines, and myths abound and where Shamans go primarily for inspiration.

Kahiki, the Middle World, is the inner region that is most like this outer reality. Most of your night dreams and daydreams take place in Kahiki and the dreams of Kahiki can be used to make changes in this world.

The third region is Milu, the Underworld. This is the place of nightmares and challenges, and the place where shamans often go on a vision quest for recovering lost power".

Join us and find out more about this fascinating area.

(N.B. This is a live online event. Should you not be able to make the whole event or want to review it, a recording of the event will be available to view online for seven days after the event).

What is Huna?

In Hawaiian the word Huna means refers to the powerful esoteric wisdom, philosophy and practices of the ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian people.

Huna is as relevant to our modern lives as it was to the lives of the ancient Hawaiian people. A key concept in the Huna philosophy is that we create our own experience of reality through our beliefs and actions. We are the co creators of our universe. Huna teaches us how to create our reality consciously.

It provides a way of increasing our personal power and life force energy. Huna shows us how we can integrate our subconscious mind, conscious mind and higher self to make profound changes at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Huna can bring love, abundance, empowerment and harmony to bear on all aspects our lives.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to learn more about the Huna approach to shamanic journeying and anyone with a curiosity or interest in Huna.

Where will the training be held?

Online via Zoom

What are the training times?

19 Sep
7:00pm9:00pm UK

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