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Learn The Art of Lucid Dreaming

Join expert Lucid Dreamer Hayden Ebert for an exploration of the wonderful world of Lucid Dreaming.

Have You Ever Wanted to

  • Find out what Lucid Dreams are and how they can benefit you?
  • Learn proven techniques to stimulate Lucid Dream states?
  • Learn how to make the most of Lucid Dream states?
  • Kick off the process of becoming a lifelong Lucid Dreamer?

Find Out More

An Online Workshop with Hayden Ebert

May 2021, Friday 14th 7-9pm, Saturday 15th 11am-3pm & Sunday 16th 11am – 2pm (UK Time).

* plus pre-study and optional follow up

In this extended workshop Hayden will teach you all this and more in a safe and supportive environment. Lucid dreaming is a skill and like any other skill it can be developed and this workshop will show you how.

Significantly discounted price of £147 if you book by 28th April and £197 thereafter.

£50 deposit secures your place

Did You Know That There Are Many Benefits of Learning to Lucid Dream?

These Include:

  • Learning first hand that you are MUCH more than just your physical body
  • Experiencing first hand a true alternate dimension of reality
  • Experiencing the true joy of FLYING
  • The ability to visit far off destinations… or even planets!
  • The ability to communicate directly with your own subconscious
  • To communicate with people impossible to do so in physical reality such as deceased loved ones or celebrities
  • To experience the exhilaration and freedom of being in a playground of the mind where all physical limitations are removed!

What is a Lucid Dream?

A Lucid Dream is much different from a normal dream, it is a hybrid state of consciousness in which you have full waking awareness within the dream state. You have full rational thinking and can direct the course of the dream whilst still within it.

Nothing can compare to the clarity that can be achieved within a Lucid Dream… often Lucid Dreamers report that the state feels ‘More real’ than waking reality!

Did You Know?

There are a number of famous lucid dreamers who attribute their creativity to working with dreams these include the likes of inventor Nikola Tesla, artist Salvador Dali, psychoanalyst Carl Jung, film makers Christopher Nolan & James Cameron.

What Does The Lucid Dreaming Training Involve?

This will be a highly experiential training which is necessary to develop the mental tools and techniques to become a proficient self-sufficient lucid dreamer and hopefully have the opportunity to experience some lucid dreams over the course of the training. The training format is to provide you with a solid foundation and support. It will consist of a mixture of face to face teaching, experiential group exercises, exercises to practice alone, check in sessions and support sessions.

The training will be online and delivered using Zoom.

Please note the times for attendance.

Pre Course Work

Prior to the workshop you will be given some simple exercises and activities to do on a regular basis to prepare you for Lucid Dreaming.

The Workshop

The workshop will run as follows:

Pre workshop briefing session and dream practice set up. Friday 7pm – 9pm.

Hayden will provide the foundations for a lucid dream practice this evening and you will have the opportunity to try the highly efficient broken sleep method for attaining lucidity in your dreams known as ‘Wake Back to Bed’ or WBTB overnight.

Main workshop Day 1 Saturday 11am- 3pm

On the Saturday we will have a lot of ground to cover to give you a full foundation that can be implemented into your daily life to become a successful ‘Oneironaut’ (Lucid Dream explorer)

The training will include: 

  • Dream recall and journaling
  • The importance of INTENT & MOTIVATION
  • State checking and how to do it
  • Energy Body meditation (using Binaural sounds)
  • Increasing lucidity and awareness in daily life
  • Direct Entry Vs Indirect Entry
  • Lucidity walk (guided)
  • Mental touch
  • The Pixilation of consciousness
  • Q&A

Main workshop Day 2 Sunday 11am- 2pm

  • Check in on previous nights activities- successes and mistakes
  • Re-iteration of techniques
  • Maintaining Lucidity- Re-Entry
  • Communicating with the awareness behind the dream
  • Q&A


Follow Up Session 

Hayden will be offering two optional follow up sessions after the main workshop. These are scheduled for Weds 19 May 6 – 7pm and weds 26 May 6 – 7pm (these will be recorded if you cannot make it live).

These hour long sessions will enable participants to share their experiences and ask questions. (These Q and A sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend live)

Support and Guidance

From sign up until the end of the training, course participants will be given access to a closed Facebook group when they can share experiences and ask questions. This helps to maintain practice, provide accountability, troubleshoot and share experiences.


To mark the new partnership between Hayden and Aether and Alchemy we are offering this first workshop at a significantly discounted price of £147 if you book by the 28th April and £197 if you book after the 28th April.

Meet Hayden

Hayden has been having Lucid Dreams and Out of Body Experiences for over 27 years since the age of 16 when a spontaneous experience changed the course of his life forever. He has worked with and developed techniques that have provided him with reliable access to these amazing states of consciousness and which have given him thousands of LD’s & OBEs throughout his years of practice

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to learn more about Lucid Dreaming

Where will the training be held?

The training will be held online.

What are the training times?


Session 3The Learn the Art of Lucid Dreaming timings are:

Session 1
7pm – 9pm Friday 14th May

Session 2
11am – 3pm Saturday 15th May

Session 3
11am – 2pm Sunday 16th May

Follow Up Session

Two optional follow up sessions on Weds 20th May 6 – 7pm and Weds 26 May 6 – 7pm (these will be recorded if you cannot make it live)

(All in UK time)

What if I do the Art of Lucid Dreaming Training?

When you undertake this training, you can be confident that you will be laying the foundation to become a regular lucid dreamer and you will be learning in a supportive environment from a trainer who has been lucid dreaming for 3 decades. This can be the start of a lifelong practice that can bring you many benefits and enjoyment.

NB While we cannot promise that you will become a regular lucid dreamer through the timescale of this course, we can promise that Hayden will share everything he knows that has helped him and others he has worked with to become regular lucid dreamers and will provide you with support and guidance along the way

Further Details

  • Booking terms and conditions can be found here
  • Places are limited so book now to secure your place.

Ready to get started?

£147 Until 28th April and £197 thereafter

£50 deposit secures your place