Identity Level Change Work – A Developmental Approach

Join Jørgen Rasmussen for a fascinating new two day online workshop where he shares an often overlooked factor that makes a big difference in the results he gets with coaching and therapy clients. 

[NB if you have previously attended a Psychological Illusion Model or No Self No Problem training with Jørgen we are offering a discounted price of £225.   Please contact us at before booking].

An Exciting New Training from Jørgen Rasmussen

This training covers something that Jørgen believes gives him an edge in effective change work and is something that he has not shared in a workshop setting before. He says:

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"Once I started understanding this stuff and applying it to clients on an individual basis, I began to get an explanation of why some of the change work I had done before had failed.  There was sometimes a mismatch between what I had asked of a client and where they seemed to be operating from. 

In fact, I even saw how some change work interventions could actually be anti-developmental and had the potential to do more harm than good.  Understanding how a client operates in terms of their meaning making gives me much better leverage in facilitating their change".

In this workshop with Jørgen you will:

  • Discover the best of the development systems that Jorgen refers to and how they can be used for coaching and therapeutic success
  • Learn ways to discover a clients unique meaning making system and how to use that in coaching and therapy
  • Understand when it is best to work with a client’s system and when it is best to challenge it and how do that
  • Find out about the pitfalls of attempting change work without understanding from where the client is operating from
  • Learn how to apply this understanding in order to get better client results

Identity Level Change Work - Taking A Developmental Approach

We humans are meaning making creatures. We actively construct our experience. This is well acknowledged today in NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy and various schools of coaching and therapy. 

BUT , what’s seldom recognised is that two adults at the same age can be operating from radically different stages of development or meaning making systems. AND when we evolve we tend to grow and develop through predictable stages of development.

Developmental Psychologists such as Robert Kegan , Jane Loevinger, and Clare Graves, who worked independently of each other , have discovered remarkable similarities when it comes to how meaning making systems quite predictably evolve as a person matures.


Having a good developmental map can be something of a superpower of sorts as a coach or therapist... You see, a persons stage of development or developmental edge gives you crucial information about what look like who they fundamentally are THEIR SENSE OF SELF…and whats  NOT SELF.

It gives you information about what’s likely absolute ( ideas that have them ) and what’s relative ( ideas they can have a relationship to) and what constitutes reality versus what’s “just an  idea”.

By being able to make these discoveries about a person you can more easily gain rapport, enhance responsiveness, and tailor make what you do to be a functional fit for that particular client.

There is more….. A developmental stage doesn’t just help you understand what looks like who they are, what’s true and real, it also influences what we can take a perspective on. How we fundamentally view conflict, our relationship to authority, how and what we can conceptualize taking personal responsibility for, and where we have strong either / or thinking.


If what we do with a client already fits their meaning making system then it is IN-FORM- ATION… meaning that the skills and abilities we help them develop fits their current system. BUT sometimes clients are “in over their heads”, meaning that the new job or relationship they are in requires an update to how they fundamentally make meaning… what’s required now is TRANS-FORM- ATION- .meaning that the very WAY they understand needs to be updated.

Take personal responsibility as an example. It’s one thing to be in an environment where being responsible means following guidelines as laid out by an organisation or the culture at large. It’s something else entirely to be in a context where personal responsibility means that you have to discover for yourself what the right thing to do is. The latter requires more mental complexity. It is far from self evident that someone who is very functional in the former condition will be at all functional in the latter condition

"Knowing how to help people update their operating system, to nudge it, is sometimes a very important skill. This is where a good developmental map comes in".


Sometimes therapy and coaching can be anti-developmental. A client may be evolving or in some transition, but all the therapist really does is help them become comfortable and set at the place they were beginning to grow out of.

Imagine a person who is just beginning to find their own inner voice, their own inner seat of authority, to set boundaries on their own behalf and to develop their own sense of identity. Many clients are on this journey.

Imagine a coach coming in and with full force attempting to show the client that the very independent self they are just beginning to construct and set boundaries on behalf of is just an illusion. A person who is just beginning to discover their own values and beliefs apart from their peer group or colleagues, being coached to embrace the notion that “identity is a big trap” and that “all beliefs are limiting”.

While this approach to coaching and therapy might be a great fit for someone whose boundaries are well developed and whose sense of self is strong, it might be anti-developmental to the person who was only beginning to construct what the coach actively tries to deconstruct.

Having a good developmental map will really enhance your success with change work.

What People Are Saying About Jorgen

Jørgen has an ability to capture the essence of various modalities and utilize them for the purpose of using them for change-work.

After attending Jørgen’s workshop, you may find yourself raising the bar in your own practice, or simply noticing the shift in your own life because of this transformational reverie, that I have yet to find anywhere else.

Linda Szabo (CHt) Gloucester, MA USA

“The stand-out lecture for me was that of Jørgen Rasmussen. He shared some of his unique techniques and latest ideas coloured by insights from years of meditation. I clapped, nodded and every now and again tried in vain to hold the two sides of my head together as one. This was a dance with the unchanging, a trip into timelessness and one that I believe is going to rip through the industry and therapy as a whole in the years ahead”.

Anthony Jacquin (commenting on Jørgen’s presentation at the UK Hypnosis Convention)

‘….this is the stuff of genius’

-John Grinder (NLP cofounder)

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their success in change work in any modality through identifying and working with their clients’ developmental and meaning making system.

Where will the training be held?

Online via Zoom

What are the training times?

24th September, 2022
10:00am - 4:00pm UK
25th September, 2022
10:00am - 4:00pm UK

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