Hypnotic Language - Skill Development and Advanced Applications

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Hypnotic Language - Skill Development and Advanced Applications

How to use hypnotic language congruently and effectively, both for helping others, and for more impactful communication in daily life.

Hypnotic language isn't about reading a script at somebody, or parroting language patterns and hoping they'll have an effect.

It's about communicating naturally and congruently, in a richly engaging way, to evoke powerful, positive experiences in another person.

But it isn't always taught this way.

In this training, Joe will be teaching the principles of hypnotic language from a different perspective, focusing on the core principles that actually matter, real world applications, and how to develop much more fluency and ease as a hypnotic communicator.

You'll learn about the strategic use of hypnotic language for therapeutic hypnosis, and how these exact same principles can make you more engaging and persuasive in your daily life.

About Joe Kao

Joe Kao DHypPsych(UK) is a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in Cambridge, UK. He is the head writer for hypnosisdownloads.com, one of the world's largest and most highly-regarded websites for hypnosis recordings, and he has taught numerous workshops on therapeutic metaphors, storytelling and Ericksonian hypnosis to people around the world.

Joe has been named the first official trainer of Provocative Change Works, and he has trained extensively in improv theatre, voice work and performance skills.   

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