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Unfortunately due to the current situation in the U.K. this event has had to be cancelled but we will be rescheduling as soon as possible.


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Hypnosis Weekend with Freddy and Anthony Jacquin

Join Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin for a unique weekend of hypnosis training.

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April 2020. Birmingham, UK.

For the last twenty years they have have run The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy together, dedicated to providing practical and intensive training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. As well as this they have both been professional hypnotherapists for over 20 years with over 30,000 clients between them.

Over two days they will teach the best of what they are best known for.

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What this content packed training will cover:

Day 1 – Anthony Jacquin

‘Reality is Plastic’ Methods and Techniques of Anthony Jacquin

Learn a complete system of hypnosis, that will enable you to hypnotise any time and anywhere. In this course you will learn the system of hypnosis that Anthony is most closely associated with, ‘Impromptu Hypnosis.’

As well as this Anthony will share his approach to providing hypnosis lectures to small groups, and his unique spin on self-hypnosis.

Learn how to create and invite opportunities to hypnotise.

  • Learn how to approach, set-up and set off hypnotic demonstrations.
  • Become skilled in a variety of set-piece and induction techniques.
  • Understand how to scale-up through the variety of hypnotic phenomena.
  • Build your own parlour demonstration, lecture or performance.
  • Learn to apply self-hypnosis immediately.

The day will be practical. You will learn by doing and experiencing. You can expect to be involved in demonstrations, as well as working with the other attendees, under guidance. This knowledge and the techniques shared will be of real value to therapists, performers and the simply hypno-curious.

Everyone who attends will be gifted a copy of Anthony Jacquin’s book, Reality is Plastic.

Day 2 – Freddy Jacquin

‘Hypnotherapy’ Methods and Techniques of Freddy H Jacquin

Freddy Jacquin will be sharing powerful hypnosis techniques that demonstrate to your clients, through hypnotic phenomena, the power of their mind for personal change.

Hypnotic techniques that not only help your clients eloquently change their lives, but also leave them in no doubt that they have experienced hypnosis.

You will learn how to help people create rapid and lasting beneficial changes in their life, and in doing so help you achieve the changes that you desire in your life.

Unlike many workshops you will be practicing with each other on real problems, fears, phobias, panic, pain, unwanted habits and perceived limitations.

Through this interactive, real therapy practice, you may well leave the workshop, with many, if not all, of your own perceived limitations eliminated.

The techniques and protocols that you will learn to use in this workshop, have been developed over the past 25 years, and used by Freddy, personally with over 30,000 clients and taught to students by him on six continents.

This includes:

  • Rapid inductions that can be used in any situation or environment.
  • How to eliminate Chronic Pain, using The Arrow Technique.
  • How to eliminate irrational fear and anxiety.
  • How to rapidly and painlessly, review, reassess and let go of past trauma.
  • How to elicit ideomotor communication within the hypnotic encounter.
  • How to help someone quit the smoking habit.
  • How to use the Virtual Gastric Band technique within a weight loss session.
  • How to work online using videocall to increase your reach and income.
  • How to hypnotise groups of people, effectively.
  • How to give your client a post hypnotic suggestion for self-hypnosis.

You will love this unique, comprehensive and exciting workshop, based on the techniques and protocols in Freddy’s book, ‘Hypnotherapy’.

All attendees will be gifted a digital and audio copy of Freddy’s book.

Introducing Freddy Jacquin

“My intention when utilising hypnosis as a therapeutic tool is to help my clients overcome whatever problems they present with, as quickly as possible.”

Freddy Jacquin BSc, is an internationally renowned Hypnotherapist and Trainer. He is the founder and Director of the UK Hypnotherapy College which he started in 1999, and the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy.

Along with his son Anthony he has trained thousands of people on 6 continents including South and North America, Canada, Europe and Australia, become confident, competent Hypnotherapist’s.

His book ‘Hypnotherapy’ Methods, techniques and philosophies of Freddy H Jacquin which he released in the Autumn of 2018 has sold thousands of copies worldwide and is being used by many to change peoples lives for the better.

He has personally helped more than 30,000 clients, and teaches thousands of students around the world the art of Clinical Hypnosis. He has created a unique psychological technique known as The Arrow Technique that enable the practitioner to help eliminate chronic pain whether it be physical or emotional.

Freddy runs his therapy practice in Hornsea, but also works with client on Skype and Zoom, enabling him to now help clients in many different countries. His unique approach and techniques enable him to help his clients overcome, pain, fear and anxiety in one session. He can also help his clients overcome drugs, alcohol, gambling and smoking, again generally within one session. Freddy through his personal develop program has helped thousands of clients achieve their physical, financial, career, emotional and sporting goals.

About Anthony Jacquin

“My first contact with hypnosis was via my father. After learning hypnosis himself and helping others with it, he told me he felt like he was vested with a special power, as if he was wearing an invisible cloak. He suggested that I should try one on too. So I learnt the basics and eventually did my first session back in 1995 to help someone quit smoking. It was a complete success, they quit easily and effortlessly. I was hooked. Keen to learn more I sought out the best teachers I could find, got as much practical experience as possible and finally went full time as a hypnotherapist in 2001.

Since then I have worked with over 5000 people helping them change their life and realise their dreams. My interest spread into entertaining with hypnosis and I became a professional performer in 2004.

My speciality is mixing close up magic and mind games with hypnosis and I have been fortunate enough to perform for a wide variety of people, companies and festivals as well as featuring on both BBC Radio and ITV.

Now I spend much of my time travelling the world sharing my ideas about hypnosis, teaching others about this fascinating art. Although what I do and teach now is a world away from what I did twenty years ago, the magical feeling that comes from knowing you can use words to change someone’s reality, to change someone’s life remains. I am as fascinated with hypnosis now as I was after that first session.”

Who is this training for?

This training is ideal for anyone with an interest in hypnosis. If any of the following apply this training could be for you:

  • You are curious about hypnosis and want to find out more
  • You want to enhance your skills
  • You want to earn powerful hypnotic techniques to effect change
  • You want to learn a complete system of hypnosis that has been proven to work
  • You want to build competence and confidence with hypnosis
  • You want to learn in a supportive, stimulating and fun environment

This training will satisfy that and much much more….

OR Pay a Deposit 

£100 deposit secures your place
(balance due by 31st January 2020)

Where will the training be held?

The training will be held at the IBIS Birmingham New Street Station in a modern and light training room. The venue is located in the centre of Birmingham making it exceptionally easy to reach. Being in the heart of England, Birmingham benefits from excellent transport routes and is easily accessible from within the UK. The main railway station, Birmingham New Street is just three minutes walk from the hotel and Birmingham International Airport is just one stop on the train making this an excellent location for both UK residents and international attendees.



“Anthony is a great hypnotist and a great teacher, which is very valuable for someone who wants to learn the real deal!!”

– Franck Perboyer

“Anthony has been of more assistance in helping me further my knowledge of hypnosis than I could have possibly expected! I have learned tons from his videos but tons from just following him.”

– Austin Zulauf

“The best practical course that I’ve done, Ant is great!”

– Andrea Favarin

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Just £325 for a limited time only

(Full Price £449)

£100 deposit (non refundable) secures your place at this price
(balance due by 31st January 2020)

This price will go up – so book soon!