Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications 1 Day Event

Learn Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications with Nick Kemp at this exciting 1 day training. Special January price £147.

Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications

March 1, 2019

This day focusses on the use of trance work in assisting with effective personal change. Here is some of what we will cover –

  • The “Catch all patterns” used in PCW for fast fluid trancework
  • Harnessing the power of metaphors in hypnosis work
  • Utilizing VAK elements to fully engage client attention
  • How to work conversationally to assist with effective client change
  • 1 – 1 opportunity to work with Nick
  • Maintaining great dynamic energy in using trancework and utilizing PCW stances
  • Developing exquisite vocal range and how to avoid sounding like Dracula when working with clients

In the following short videos Nick Kemp discusses aspects of Hypnosis and what the one day workshop will entail

Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications – Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp gives a brief overview of the thinking behind the one day Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications workshop on March 1st 2019 in Birmingham.

Nick Kemp describes his background in hypnosis

Nick Kemp talks about his background in hypnosis. Nick will be presenting Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications in Birmingham 1st March 2019.

What will be covered at the workshop?

Nick Kemp discusses what will be covered at the one day Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications workshop on March 1st 2019 in Birmingham

How will attendees be able to apply what they learn on the day?

Nick Kemp discusses how attendees will be able to apply what they learn on the one day Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications workshop

How does hypnosis link to Provocative Change Works?

Nick Kemp discusses how hypnosis links to Provocative Change works

More about Provocative Change Works

You’ll find Nick’s work with Provocative Therapy mixed with Hypnosis quite a blend and Enlightening!”                                                                                                                                                               – Frank Farrelly

Watch Nick describing the use of the terms provocative in PCW.

Provocative Change Works consists of three approaches to shift clients from “a stuck state” to a more fluid state, allowing for greater freedom and choice. This conversational way of working requires the practitioner to pay close attention to client responses, whilst maintaining their own excellent state control.

These are:

  • Provoking or stimulating client responses by verbal and non verbal interactions
  • Using non-specific or indirect Hypnosis and metaphor explorations – to create “fluid states” for the client. Eliciting and challenging metaphors
  • Time Framing – Promoting new ways of moving through time and space.

The practitioner deliberately provokes (calls forth responses from) the client by adopting different discrete stances, which stimulate the client into new ways of thinking and feeling. The practitioner seeks out resistances in the client and then approaches most what the client seeks to avoid in the discussion, and identifies the client’s “blind spots”, using a great deal of humour and by working in an improvised manner.

Great use is made of “sensory rich language”, and the full expression of this, to engage the client, and thus take them on a journey outside their existing beliefs and experience, to a new sense of freedom. The practitioner works in a multi layered way without the limitations of some conventions found in many talk therapy approaches, such as removing the impression of “formal therapy as much as possible from the interaction.

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone wanting to improve their communication skills, whether working as a coach, practitioner, therapist, trainer or in any other capacity. The PCW model works well in areas of business, coaching, therapy and personal development. There are no prerequisites required to undertake the training.  Nick has taught this PCW approach in 13 overseas countries as well as the UK. He also runs two very successful private clinics in the UK and to date has concluded over 7000 hours of using PCW with private clients.

The format of the training

The training will be highly interactive and incorporate teaching alongside many practical exercises. Nick will do a number of demonstrations of aspects of Provocative Change Works throughout the workshop which will allow demonstration subjects to experience a 1 to 1 session with Nick.  Nicks’ workshops are enlightening and very much fun.

Watch Nick working with an attendee at a UK training:

Listen to a recent interview with Nick where he talks about the Provocative Change Works approach: http://rapidchange.works/blog/2018/01/08/interview-nick-kemp/

Where will the training be held?

The training will be held at the IBIS Birmingham New Street Station in a modern and light training room.  The venue is located in the centre of Birmingham making it exceptionally easy to reach.  Being in the heart of England, Birmingham benefits from excellent transport routes and is easily accessible from within the UK. The main railway station, Birmingham New Street is just three minutes walk from the hotel and Birmingham International Airport is just one stop on the train making this an excellent location for both UK residents and international attendees.

Your investment

The current cost of the 1 day Provocative Change Works training is £197.  Book now to secure your place.

More About Nick Kemp


Nick Kemp has been involved in the field of personal change for over thirty years, having studied many forms of communication and personal development, including Hypnosis, Provocative Therapy and NLP.  Between 1980 and 1998 he taught workshops on personal development. Nick works on a group and individual basis for professional and personal work. He runs a successful private practice, and also provides business trainings to companies by appointment. In 2004 Nick Kemp met Frank Farrelly, (creator of Provocative Therapy and influence on the creators of NLP) and began an intensive training with him to become one of a very small number of Farrelly internationally approved Provocative Therapy Trainers.

Nick and Frank became firm friends, co presenting at Provocative Therapy events as well as spending far too many hours watching classic movies at Nick’s home cinema in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Nick set up The Association for Provocative Therapy (AFPT), and released “Provocative Change Works for Phobias”, which was the first of a number of DVD sets with commentary from Frank Farrelly himself. As well as teaching classic Provocative Therapy (PCW), Nick has created his own Provocative Change Works approach which he teaches internationally as well as with private clients.

In 2006 Nick was a guest for 26 consecutive weeks on BBC Radio working with clients live on the air. Individuals would be invited to contact the show, and Nick would then work with them and they would then report back, all within the one hour time frame of the show itself.  In recent years he runs in house trainings for business as well as his own Provocative Change Works trainings for the public in Asia, USA and Europe

Nick has contributed a chapter on Provocative Change Works to “Innovations in NLP ” published by Crown House Publishing where he outlines how this approach can be used to produce lasting client change.  He also contributed to Steve Andreas’s “Transforming Negative Self Talk” explaining his voice tempo exercise for resolving anxiety problems. In 2013 he created the first ever PCW practitioner piloted to medics in Japan interested in his work.

As well as providing face to face PCW training workshops, in 2016, Nick started a unique one to one PCW development platform which provides training, coaching and support for those wanting to use PCW in their work.

Learn, and experience Hypnotic Explorations and Provocative Simplifications, with Nick Kemp at this content packed intensive 1 day training.

Friday 1st March 2019

Venue: IBIS Birmingham New Street Station

January offer price £147. (Regular price £197)

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