Therapeutic Improvisation with Joe Kao

How to be more spontaneous, creative and impactful as a coach or therapist

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Just about all styles of therapy and coaching have specific techniques and processes, but when we clutch onto these techniques too rigidly, it can get in the way of working with the unique person in front of us.

This course, taught by hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Joe Kao, is about putting more life and spontaneity back into your sessions, so that you can trust your impulses as a coach or therapist, and draw upon your natural creativity as you work with people.

Joe Kao Discusses The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Improvisation

There is nobody who has had your unique life experiences. You have your own stories, perspectives and insights that can make all the difference in the world in helping someone to make a change.

This training is about putting that life experience to good use as you work with clients, spontaneously, creatively and with confidence and conviction.

After all, how can we expect people to change and be open to new possibilities if we're not open to new ideas and insights ourselves, right then and there, as the session is happening?

This doesn't mean throwing all techniques out of the window, but techniques are only ever examples of broader principles of change.

When you relax your grip on specific techniques, and allow the core principles of change to guide you, you'll find you can adapt and adjust your sessions in ways that best fit the client you're working with.

And you’ll also find that your sessions become more liberating, memorable and enjoyable for you and your clients.

Who is this course for?

Coaches, therapists, hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners who want to move beyond formal techniques, and to work with clients with more ease, creativity and flow.


The course will be delivered online over a number of sessions. Each session will involve a mixture of teaching, demonstration and practice.

Topic Overview

  • The Foundations of Improv - why attitude, intention and energy makes all the difference when it comes to creativity
  • Improv and the Principles of Change - simple, core principles for changework that you can improvise around
  • Improv, Storytelling and Metaphor - how to conversationally tell stories that prepare the ground for change
  • Improv and Provocation - the value of creating dynamic tension in a session
  • Improv and Hypnosis - why hypnosis is a fundamentally creative act, not a pre-scripted roleplay
  • Bringing It All Together - how to apply these principles in your work and in your life

About Joe Kao

Joe Kao DHypPsych(UK) is a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in Cambridge, UK. He is the head writer for, one of the world's largest and most highly-regarded websites for hypnosis recordings, and he has taught numerous workshops on therapeutic metaphors, storytelling and Ericksonian hypnosis to people around the world.

Joe has been named the first official trainer of Provocative Change Works, and he has trained extensively in improv theatre, voice work and performance skills.   

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