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Discover the most unusual but most effective strategy for personal change… ‘THE SWAN’

Take 5 minutes, watch below and find out why Bob Burn’s, ‘The SWAN’ is now actively used by therapists and healers in more than 85 countries around the world…

In this clip, Bob explains what the SWAN is… and how he deals with people when they first arrive for a session. Enjoy…

Want to learn how use the SWAN for you and your clients? SCROLL DOWN…

A Two Day Online Workshop with Bob Burns

Bob’s work is inspirational, experimental and practical – all at the same time – a feat not many people manage. In these packed two days, Bob will share content covering hypnosis, the Swan protocol and some other areas covering the exploration of consciousness that he has not shared very often until recently.

.....Plus a Free Optional Session with Bob exploring the Swan and Lucid Dreaming

Just for anyone who books on the workshop - Bob is offering an optional free session on Wednesday 26th at 7pm UK time (for approximately 90 minutes) on this fascinating topic. This is optional and free and distinct from the weekend workshop -Bob is offering it as a gift to anyone who books on the Swan, Hypnosis and More workshop.

What will be covered in the Swan, Hypnosis and More weekend workshop?

In this content-packed workshop you will learn:

  • The perfect consultation – Bob’s template for each session which he calls the Wall. You will possess the full and complete knowledge of its power, AND be shown how to deliver it in a full consultation
  • The Swan – Bob has developed his unique and effective Swan protocol which is used by therapists across the globe. This is a way of making instant contact with the subconscious in a fully wakened state without hypnosis, as well as being a perfect complement to any hypnosis session. This is an effective technique for change with clients as well as for yourself.

Plus Bob will share:

  • Bob’s formula for handling any given challenge by any member of the public in either the therapy room, street or impromptu situation.
  • A fail-safe way of demonstrating hypnosis in a group setting.
  • Bob’s Smoking Cessation Protocol which has proven to be hugely successful.
  • Doctors referrals. The exact approach and wording that Bob uses to get doctors referrals.
  • Bobs’ colour protocol which he uses when working with sports people and those wanting to improve performance.
  • Pendulum Power. Bob will reveal the real fascinating facts of ‘Chevreul’s Pendulum’ and reveal why different parts (real or imagined) within the subconscious can agree but also argue with each other!
  • Mentalism in Hypnosis – Bob will share some tools and techniques which cross over from mentalism to hypnosis and can be used in the therapy room.
  • Lucid dreaming. Bob will share how he uses Lucid Dreaming techniques and teaches how you can too and why you would want to.
  • The most important therapy questions answered.

Find out more about what will be covered at the workshop:

The Perfect Consultation

The door opens and a stranger walks in…. to be met by another stranger. One is a nervous client, the other a therapist, who can ‘go with the flow’, but that is only because they own and are highly trained in: a process. A magical template which takes them from station to station in an incredible journey whereby the client now possesses no more nerves. Rather in their place is now the knowledge that this is indeed the therapist. This is the one who is about to help them. And not just because this therapist knows exactly what to do and say, but also how to deliver these skills in this… ‘The Perfect Consultation’

And in order to possess The Perfect Consultation one has to know how to break down ‘The Wall’

The Wall is a total and complete description of the consultation Bob Burns has built up in his therapy room in over 40 years. It has been said by many full time therapists around the world that if a new student only learned:

The Bob Burns Wall Template … they could literally walk into a therapy room and begin healing patients (something Bob does NOT advocate!). However, it is taught in such a way by Bob Burns himself that all students will possess the full and complete knowledge of its power, AND be shown how to deliver it in a full consultation. The student will leave with every single word (hard copy) Bob uses and his entire repertoire exactly the way he presents it.

The Swan

A full demonstration will take place of The Swan Process. Bob will reveal how to make instant contact with the subconscious in a full wakened state without any form of hypnosis. He will also revea why The Swan is NOT an Ideo-Motor Response.

Bob will explain and demonstrate every single word, movement and hesitation (and why) of how The Swan should be presented. Students will leave with the hard copy of every ‘little difference that makes the big difference’ with regard to the presentation of the Swan. And yes, this will be workshopped by the students during the 2 days, giving them the knowledge and confidence to deliver this fascinating process for the rest of their lives.

Five Point Rebuttal Formula

Designed by Bob Burns in the 80’s this is a full formula whereby the therapist can handle any given challenge by any member of the public in either the therapy room, street or
impromptu. This ensures the hypnotist will never fear any challenge from any person with regard to their hypnotic skills. Bob will demonstrate this in full so that you will be able to use it thereafter.

Group Presentations

Here the student will be shown how to story-tell, how to test the audience for both imagination and response tests. Students will also be shown how to demonstrate hypnosis (or the power of suggestion) where there can be NO failure. And of course Bob’s now world famous teaching of ‘how to present a simple business card’ in a way the recipient will never forget you!

Smoking Cessation

Bob has never had a desire to charge high monies for his therapy, and yet his fees for Smoking Cessation are among the highest in the UK. This is for a very important reason, which will of course be fully explained. He believes his record in Smoking Cessation can sit with any other therapist anywhere in the world. A full demonstration of The Bob Burns Smoking Cessation protocol will be provided as will a full ‘evidence based’ breakdown of the facts and treatment behind cigarette smoking over the last 20 years.

Doctors Referrals

Bob will explain the method he uses to make contacts with doctors and how to gain referrals (copies of letters will be included).

Colour Protocol

Bob works with some of the finest marksmen, snooker players and golfers in the world (including World Champion and ‘The Open’ winners). Here he will show his complete consultation on exactly what he does with each one.

Pendulum Power

Bob will reveal the real fascinating facts of ‘Chevreul’s Pendulum’, in ways that Cheveul himself probably never considered possible! In this exercise Bob reveals WHY different parts (real or imagined) within the subconscious can agree but also argue with each other! But in the hands of a therapist who understands…. mini miracles can seem possible! This WILL make you giggle! And maybe squirm just a little….

Mentalism in Hypnosis

As a fulltime professional stage hypnotist and mentalist/magician over many years Bob will be revealing several of the very best things that crossover from mentalism to hypnosis, including work he uses in his actual therapy rooms. At the end of this section the students will have that ability and the knowledge in how to present these. This is something you WILL use, again and again and again!

Lucid Dreaming

You spend a third of your lives asleep. And it is in this state where some of your finest work can be done. Bob has been a Lucid Dreamer for most of his life and in this workshop Bob will speak about what he does.

The most Important Therapy Questions Answered

Bob will also honestly answer what he considers to be 6 of the most important questions any therapist could ask, and needs to know!:

Do I NEED to talk to the Subconscious
If I fix them will they stay fixed
Do they need to be in hypnosis for me to help them
Do scripts work (one of the biggest arguments in hypnotherapy)
Do I need to do phenomena in the therapy room
Is it true that a somnambulists (someone who enters hypnosis easily) gets fixed better than a non-somnambulist

Who should attend?

The workshop will mainly be for those with some knowledge and experience of hypnotherapy who are looking for that extra something. It might be how to build a certain confidence within yourself or how to present perfectly to the client in the therapy room in such a way which highly increases your success rate. It may be that you want additional insights and approaches to complement what you already do or to add more into what you do. It may be that you have heard so much about Bob and are curious to find out first hand what he does. It might be that you want to find out how to work with the Swan. Whichever – this is the perfect opportunity for you. Expect an informative, fun and inspiring workshop!

Where will the training be held?

Online via Zoom

What are the training times?

22nd April, 2023
1:00pm - 5:30pm UK
23rd April, 2023
1:00pm - 5:30pm UK

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