Frank Farrelly Provocative Therapy Revealed

Provocative thoughts and Frank exchanges

A one off mini seminar with Nick Kemp that takes a deep dive into Frank Farrelly's Provocative Therapy.

Frank Farrelly was a one of a kind therapist.

As the creator of Provocative Therapy, Frank broke new ground. Watching him work is extremely enlightening, there was certainly nothing predictable in how he worked.

Frank got results however unconventional the approach appeared. Perhaps that is why his clients described him in ways such as:

“The kindest, most understanding man I have ever met in my whole life, wrapped up in the biggest son of a bitch I have ever met.”

Frank was fully committed to assisting his clients and wasn't concerned with conforming to some particular therapist stereotype. As he said:

“Throw away your professional dignity in the service of the client”

I love listening to the phrases and stories that Frank told during client sessions. Phrases such as:

“When the pain begins, the learning starts”

“That dog ain’t never gonna hunt…

Provocative Therapy was developed in an inpatient ward as Farrelly, dissatisfied with his effectiveness as a therapist, began to explore new procedures for promoting significant, resilient change in chronic and recalcitrant patients. He worked in this institutional setting for 17 years, continuing to develop and refine his techniques.

Frank was a fascinating character, inside and outside of the therapy room. For example, before creating Provocative Therapy, Frank was a monk in a monastery and he had a keen interest in remote viewing and ran workshops on this subject.

Find Out More About Frank Farrelly and Provocative Therapy

At 6pm on 4th May Nick Kemp is presenting a special live online event Frank Farrelly Provocative Therapy Revealed.

Nick is perfectly placed to be the guide to Frank and Provocative Therapy. Nick's own Provocative Change Works approach was heavily influenced by Frank's work with Provocative Therapy. Nick became a close friend of Frank and when Frank died, Nick inherited his entire archive of notes and recordings and in this workshop Nick will draw on that rich resource to provide a glimpse into how Frank worked.

Nick will be sharing how, and why, Frank developed his Provocative Therapy approach and how these ideas can be incorporated into effective change work.

To the lay person, how Frank works and what he is doing can appear to be confusing and certainly unconventional. Nick will explain what was really going on when Frank worked and how he got great results even with difficult clients.

In a SPECIAL ONE-OFF online event, Nick will be sharing his knowledge of Frank Farrelly and Frank's classic Provocative Therapy.

Nick Kemp the workshop presenter writes:

I spent many years up close studying provocative therapy and working with Frank Farrelly, before he passed on his life’s work to me for safe keeping. I am pleased to be presenting this look at Frank's work and legacy.

This online seminar will include:

  • The story and history of Frank Farrelly
  • The Art of Provocation
  • Nick's personal experience of working and studying with Frank
  • What Frank used in his approach to change but didn't formally teach
  • How the classic Provocative Therapy approach works
  • The influence of provocative therapy on NLP and Frank’s thoughts on Bandler and Grinder

Previous experience not essential.

Where will the training be held?

Online via Zoom

What are the training times?

04 May
6:00pm8:30pm UK

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