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Advanced problem solving for coaches, therapists, personal change, and business by Nick Kemp

This is a 3-month online training that looks in detail into problem-solving using the PCW (Provocative Change Works) model. The training is for anyone who has an interest in problem-solving on any level in business, coaching, therapy, or personal change. This is about finding “the difference that makes the difference.”

• We will be looking at real-life client examples and how to best work only with the information received and then work to best help the client.
• Attendees can also be clients themselves and I can then explain how I use the initial client notes to frame the session and why I do what I do
• Attendees also can submit problem clients from their own practices or business problems for consideration

This training is not just confined to coaching and therapeutic issues, it’s also for businesses and groups where we look at strategic thinking and how to create new and lasting change in the most time effective creative manner. Prior to creating the PCW model, I worked in business for 15 years and set up and ran a number of multi-million-pound concerns where I had to use the best strategic thinking strategies to maintain business success in the marketplace. The same problem-solving strategies occur in PCW and this training will encourage all those attending to bring real-life problems to the monthly sessions so you get the best possible value from the training.

What is included –
• How best to work conversationally to assist with effective client change
• The importance of psychoeducation in working with individuals and groups
• Identifying the ingredients that make the problem “the problem.”
• Exploring how specific PCW stances provoke micro-adjustments to allow new ways of thinking
• Deconstructing client sessions and identifying how to work in the here and now in an improvised manner
• Homework assignments and CPD to support the online group work.

Previous experience in PCW is not essential.
The training consists of 3 monthly online Zoom workshops on the following dates

9th October, 13th November, 11th December 2021

Sessions at 10am -3pm UK time. (recordings will be available should you not be able to make a particular session)

Early booking price for the 3-month training – only £349 until 29th September. (Regular price £449)

Alternatively, secure your price at the early price with a £100 deposit

More about Nick

Influenced by his work with Frank Farrelly, Nick Kemp has developed the distinctive and effective Provocative Change Works (PCW). Whether you are a coach, therapist, trainer, communicator, business person, or anyone who wants to personally develop Provocative Change Works can provide a valuable model of communication, problem solving and change.

Nick Kemp has been involved in the field of personal change for over thirty years, having studied many forms of communication and personal development, including Hypnosis, Provocative Therapy and NLP.  Between 1980 and 1998 he taught workshops on personal development. Nick works on a group and individual basis for professional and personal work. He runs a successful private practice, and also provides business trainings to companies by appointment. In 2004 Nick Kemp met Frank Farrelly, (creator of Provocative Therapy and influence on the creators of NLP) and began an intensive training with him to become one of a very small number of Farrelly internationally approved Provocative Therapy Trainers.

Nick and Frank became firm friends, co presenting at Provocative Therapy events as well as spending far too many hours watching classic movies at Nick’s home cinema in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Nick set up The Association for Provocative Therapy (AFPT), and released “Provocative Change Works for Phobias”, which was the first of a number of DVD sets with commentary from Frank Farrelly himself. As well as teaching classic Provocative Therapy (PCW), Nick has created his own Provocative Change Works approach which he teaches internationally as well as with private clients.

In 2006 Nick was a guest for 26 consecutive weeks on BBC Radio working with clients live on the air. Individuals would be invited to contact the show, and Nick would then work with them and they would then report back, all within the one hour time frame of the show itself.  In recent years he runs in house trainings for business as well as his own Provocative Change Works trainings for the public in Asia, USA and Europe



Nick has contributed a chapter on Provocative Change Works to “Innovations in NLP ” published by Crown House Publishing where he outlines how this approach can be used to produce lasting client change.  He also contributed to Steve Andreas’s “Transforming Negative Self Talk” explaining his voice tempo exercise for resolving anxiety problems. In 2013 he created the first ever PCW practitioner piloted to medics in Japan interested in his work.

As well as providing face to face PCW training workshops, in 2016, Nick started a unique one to one PCW development platform which provides training, coaching and support for those wanting to use PCW in their work.

Presented by Nick Kemp, creator of the Provocative Change Works model

The PCW model works equally well in coaching, personal development, business and therapeutic contexts. Provocative Change Works is all about excellence in communication and at the heart of this approach is finding what works in real life in a conversational jargon free approach. This is an interactive, fast paced training with an emphasis on discovering the difference that makes the difference. I’m currently teaching PCW in 15 countries around the globe.




Early booking price for the 3-month training – only £349 until 29th September. (Regular price £449)

Alternatively, secure your price at the early price with a £100 deposit